Why not start a mailing list?
Most people know that direct marketing is the best way to reach fans or customers. With postage on the rise, emailing lists are becoming a far more economical method of reaching people.

The emailing list you just read was provided by YMLP (YourMailinglistProvider.com). I've been advising clients for years to use this great service. Why?

  • The Price - I can't find anyone cheaper for the features you get with YMLP. They start at just $3.75 per month.
  • The Features - with YMLP, you just sign up and you're ready to go. They handle all the users and bad emails automatically. No need to try to keep up with who's email goes where. And, subscribers to your list can even manage their own emails without you lifting a finger. You can even track who's opening messages and send nice HTML formatted emails (with graphics and all the shiny stuff!). That's just the beginning - YMLP has been adding features ever since I've used them.
  • Did I mention the price? - Seriously, if you have any type of fan or customer base, go for it.

Get started and save with the following YMLP Discount Code:
Click here to sign up and enter the code FX141J when it's time to pay (you can use it free until you pass 25 people). That'll get you 15% off the already great price.

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